Spellington Hits 2000! Let's Celebrate & Grow Together 🚀

Spellington Hits 2000! Let's Celebrate & Grow Together 🚀
Spellington going to the moon on a rocket

Dear Amazing Spellers,

I'm Ibon, the creator of Spelling Adventures, and today, I'm over the moon to announce that Spellington is now on over 2000 devices! This milestone is more than a number; it's a dream come true.

As a solo developer, I began this journey to create a fun, interactive, and educational English learning app for my kids. Seeing it reach so many of you fills my heart with gratitude and excitement.

Your voice matters

Your voice is the magic spell that will help Spellington Adventures grow and improve. I have exciting plans for themed levels, turning each spelling adventure into a unique experience. But I need your input: what would make Spellington even more magical for you and your little spellers? I'd be honored if you reached out at info@spellington.com

I believe that learning to spell can be as exciting as a treasure hunt. Each correct word is a step closer to unlocking a world of knowledge and creativity. So, let's turn spelling into an adventure your kids will love!

Thank you for your incredible support. Let's spell our way to new adventures!

Warm regards,