Exciting news

Exciting news
New Mr Spellington look.

Dear Parents, Educators, and Young Spellers,

We’re thrilled to share some major updates to Spellington Adventures. We're committed to constantly improving and providing the best learning experience for our users.

Meet the new Spellington travelling the world.

Mr. Spellington has passed the torch to a friendly and polished panda bear who’s eager to guide our young spellers through their learning adventures. We believe this cuddly companion will be a hit with the kids, making learning not just educational but incredibly fun! I am a solo dev, so will take time to bring it to all parts of the app, like the achievement badges and diplomas. You know the game offers progress diplomas, right ? 😆

Step Into Enhanced Learning Environments

We've transformed our game backgrounds, creating immersive and engaging worlds that will captivate our spellers. These visual enhancements are not just a treat for the eyes but are crafted to enrich the learning experience, making every spelling journey memorable and exciting. We hope to spark their curiosity about those places, and foster a continuous offline learning experience.


We detected a small amount of app crashes while loading the large amount of assets it contains. An uninterrupted learning experience is our top priority. We've rolled out significant stability fixes to ensure smoother, faster, and more reliable gameplay.

This milestone reflects our dedication to providing a top-notch learning tool that’s both effective and engaging. We believe these changes will make your child’s learning journey with Spellington Adventures more enjoyable and impactful.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with these new updates. Your feedback is the wind beneath our wings—it inspires us to soar higher and do better!. Feel free to reach out at